Institutional Accessibility Center


Assuming the commitment and the social responsibility of assuring to its students full conditions of participation and learning, the Santa Casa de Sao Paulo School of Medical Sciences (FCMSCSP) created, on October 2, 2013, through Portaria GD nº 024 / 2013, the Institutional Accessibility Center (NAI).

This institution, fulfilling its public mission, promoting democratic values, human dignity, equal rights, recognizing and respecting differences and diversities, understands that, to provide accessibility conditions, is to materialize the principles of educational inclusion that imply to ensure not only access, but full conditions of participation and learning to all students.

The NAI is composed of a multidisciplinary team composed of teachers and staff, seeking to promote the removal of physical, architectural, methodological and attitudinal barriers in the FCMSCSP, besides offering specialized educational guidance to students with disabilities (physical, visual and hearing) and support suggesting differentiated educational procedures for teaching learning and evaluation. The core suggests actions of support to students who need special attention and guidance to teachers and technical-administrative servers that coexist with people in this situation.

The NAI aims to mobilize the various departments and segments of the Institution in the promotion of accessibility in its broad aspect, placing itself as a space for dialogue and collective construction of attitudinal accessibility.