Scientific and Assistance Expeditions Program (PECA)


The Scientific and Assistance Expeditions Program (PECA) is a university community program of the Santa Casa de Sao Paulo School of Medical Sciences (FCMSCSP) that aims to stimulate the commitment to the integral care of the patient’s health and the social responsibility of the students of the courses Degree in Medicine, Nursing and Speech and Hearing Therapy of the Institution. Through contact with the socioeconomic and cultural reality of the region visited, students have the opportunity to observe the influences of the regional factors and the family and social organization in the patient’s universe.

During the PECA, the students have contact with the multidisciplinary environment of integral care to the patient, counting on the participation of several health professionals in search of the best possible service to the local population. This environment facilitates the identification of the health problems of individuals, allowing guidance on preventive behaviors and even the treatment of some diseases. With this form of attendance, students’ learning is stimulated in a practical and dynamic way.

Participating academics give up one week of their January vacation to make PECA a reality and go through an introductory course in advance to be prepared for the dynamics of care and prior knowledge of the most prevalent diseases in the region.

With each expedition, all those involved in this initiative return with new experiences, knowledge and with the feeling that once again the goal has been fulfilled.