Update Courses

Analysis, interpretation and discussion of scientific literature for confirmatory studies

The course will present fundamental statistical concepts to understand the results of the scientific literature.

Anatomy Applied to Yoga I – The locomotor apparatus and the mechanics of practice

The course presents the Anatomy of the Locomotor Apparatus and apply it to the practice of the yogasanas (yoga postures).

Anatomy Applied to Yoga II – Systems and Practice

The course presents the Anatomy of the Nervous, Circulatory, Respiratory, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Urinary, Genital systems and apply it to practice.

Biostatistics applied to clinical research in SPSS

The course aims to acquire knowledge of SPSS software (database management and statistical elements).

Education for Children and Youth with Multiple Disabilities and Sensory Deficiency

The updating course in Education for Children and Young People with Multiple Disability and Sensory Deficiency will equip teachers and other professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure a quality education for students with Multiple Disability and Sensory Deficiency (MD/SD).

Introduction to Psychoanalysis: Theory and Practice – I Module

The updating course presents the Freudian thought and its construction of the psychoanalytic edifice.

Sexuality – Psychiatric and Psychoanalytic Clinic of the Population LGBTQIA

The course presents psychoanalytic thinking and its relation to sexuality and extends the possibilities of informed clinical practice.

Theoretical Basis of Psychopharmacology

The course offers pharmaco-synthetic and pharmacodynamic aspects of the psychiatric classes most used in the context of Psychiatry.