The Library of the Santa Casa de Sao Paulo School of Medical Sciences began its organization in April 1952, when Dr. Sinésio Rangel Pestana, worried about the need to form a Library to attend to Santa Casa of Mercy, donated his private collection of books to the Brotherhood of Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo.

The realization of this ideal took place in August of 1954, with its official inauguration, attending to all the doctors of the Institution. In 1963, with the creation of the School, the Library also began attending medical students. In March 2000, the Library was transferred to the Faculty, inaugurating new facilities, expanding its collection and implanting new technologies, in order to reach its objectives and functions and to follow developments in the medical field, research and teaching.

The collection of the Library is composed of books, national and international journals, theses, monographs, events, reference works, cd-rom, scientific publications in the medical field. The Library is computerized by the TOTVS RM Biblios Program, which allows the retrieval of information by author, title, periodical collections, theses, etc., through library terminals or through the Internet; generation of reports for the Statistics of the bibliographical materials, consultation and loan of the bibliographical materials, reports for the Ministry of Education.