Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho Foundation

The Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho Foundation is a philanthropic entity of an educational, non-profit nature. Legal entity of private law, it was established for an indefinite period, by public deed, dated September 14, 1962, with headquarters and forum in the Capital of the State of São Paulo, at Rua Dr. Cesário Motta Júnior, 61.

The structure of the Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho Foundation is formed by the Curator Council, Fiscal Council, Executive Board and Superintendency.

The Foundation aims to:

I. Maintain the Santa Casa de Sao Paulo School of Medical Sciences;

II. Cultivate knowledge in all fields of pure and applied knowledge, encouraging the production of inputs of any order in the technical courses, superiors and services rendered, reverting the result to the institutional ends;

III. Contribute to the integral formation of the personality of the members of their student community, enabling them to perform professional, technical and / or scientific activities, as well as providing the means for a continuing education;

IV. Develop science and technology, through basic or applied and / or extension research, especially related to medical, health and / or social problems, encouraging the production of inputs of any order in the technical, superior courses and services provided, reverting the result to the institutional ends;

V. Participate in the country’s development process, especially in the region where it is located, by promoting studies and research on its problems and the formation of human resources to meet its needs; and

VI. Articulate with similar institutions and develop studies for the improvement of their activities.


Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho Foundation


João Clímaco Penna Trindade

1st Vice-President

Luiz Eduardo Pesce de Arruda

2nd Vice-President

Sebastião Barbosa de Almeida

1st Treasurer

José Carlos Batelli Corrêa

2nd Treasurer

Luiz Piccinini Filho

1st Secretary

Paulo Roberto Lazarini

2nd Secretary

Dr. José Roberto Ópice Blum

Supervisory Board

Dr. Antonio Carlos Castilho Garcia

Dr. Antonio Carlos Franchini Ribeiro

Dr. Fernando de Camargo Sheldon Júnior

Cel. Raugeston Benedito Bizzaria Dias


Curator Council

Alcides Amaral Salles

Antonio Carlos de Paula Campos

Antonio Cleidenir Tonico Ramos (President)

Antonio Salim Curiati

Francisco Gimenes Neto

José Luiz Egydio Setúbal

José Manssur

Luis Eulálio de Bueno Vidigal Filho

Luiz Antonio Sampaio Gouveia

Luiz Fernando Nogueira de Lima

Marcos Roberto Chaves da Silva (Secretary)

Modesto de Souza Barros Carvalhosa

Paulo Eduardo de Barros Fonseca (Vice-President)

Paulo Moraes Camargo Filho

Walter Vicioni Gonçalves

Santa Casa de Sao Paulo School of Medical Sciences


José Eduardo Lutaif Dolci

Vice director

Irineu  Massaia

School of  Medicine

Director – Adriano Namo Cury

Vice Director – Giselle Burlamaqui Klautau

School of Nursing

Director – Lívia Keismanas de Ávila

Vice Director – Fernanda Machado Silva Rodrigues

Scool of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Director – Noemi Takiuchi

Vice Director – Marina Martins Pereira Padovani

Biomedical Equipment Technology and Radiologic Technology

Director – Rafael Eidi Goto

Vice Director –  Felipe Favaro Capeleti



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