The Ombudsman of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo is an advisory body to its Director and its purpose is to contribute to institutional development, offering the faculty, students, technical and administrative staff and the community, a communication channel with the higher bodies of the Institution and with the general public.

It was instituted at the initiative of the director, at the time, Prof. Dr. Ernani Geraldo Rolim, as communicated by the Presidency of the Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho Foundation nº 88/08, of September 26, 2008.

The Ombudsman’s Office intends to ensure individual and collective rights by capturing dissatisfactions, investigating facts, collecting solutions, receiving criticism, praise and suggestions regarding the services provided by the Faculty, proposing the inclusion of new procedures; guaranteeing the user the right to information and the defense of their interests.

The Faculty’s Ombudsman is guided by secrecy, legality, impersonality, impartiality and autonomy. In the exercise of its duties, the Ombudsman shall facilitate access to the user efficiently in:

– Investigation, investigating complaints about the Faculty’s services;
– Inspection, having access to documents and information and visits to the units and sectors of the Faculty;
– Compliments and suggestions about the Faculty, communicating and disseminating them to the units or sectors of the Institution;
– Criticisms and recommendations received and presented in a constructive manner, in order to participate in institutional improvement.

The Ombudsman works as a spokesperson, receiving manifestations, registering them and forwarding them to the competent sectors of the Faculty, for investigation and measures.

Any comments received will be duly answered. The Ombudsman’s Office will guarantee the confidentiality of the protester’s name and personal data; and will only receive anonymous complaints and complaints if the reasons for anonymity are justified in special cases; will prefer face-to-face service, prioritizing the quality of the relationship, customized to the applicant’s profile.

Contact the FCMSCSP Ombudsman at the email below: