Group investigates mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases Researcher from FCMSCSP participates in study funded by agreement between the University of Birmingham and FAPESP

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Researcher at FCM / Santa Casa, Tatiana Rosenstock was interviewed by Fapesp Agency.

The interview focuses on a project of which the teacher participates together with researchers from the United Kingdom. They aim to understand how neurons carrying neurodegenerative diseases work without having to remove samples from the brain. Thanks to cell reprogramming techniques, stem cells can be obtained from skin samples and then differentiated into neurons.

The project consists mainly of describing how mitochondria (responsible for the generation of energy in cells) and neurons behave in the Wolfram and Niemann-Pick syndromes, rare neurodegenerative conditions of hereditary childhood, as well as in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

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