Quality of life after ICU hospitalization of cancer patients Article on the topic is published in FCMSCSP magazine

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The quality of life of cancer patients who have been admitted to the ICU, regardless of gender, is affected in some aspects that point to a worse quality of life: physical limitation, pain, general condition and mental health.

This is the conclusion of an article published in the archives Medical Doctors of Hospitals and the Santa Casa de Sao Paulo School of Medical Sciences. For the authors, the importance of identifying these factors allows the nursing professional to plan comprehensive care and minimize the impact on the hospitalization process.

The objective of the research was precisely to evaluate the quality of life of cancer patients after hospitalization in an Adult Intensive Care Unit. This exploratory, descriptive, cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach worked with a sample of 23 cancer patients who were admitted to the ICU.

Quality of life was assessed using the generic instrument Medical Outcomes Study 36 – Item Short – Form Health Survey – SF 36. The mean scores in the domains of the SF 36 were 50% below the average percentage, highlighting the domains Limitation. by Physical Aspects (30.43), pain (23.67), general health (30.43) and Mental health (44.7) as the most affected.

The article, written by Kamila Sthephannis Cruz Rocha, Luciana Soares Costa Santos and Acacia Maria Lima de Oliveira, is available at http://arquivosmedicos.fcmsantacasasp.edu.br/index.php/AMSCSP/article/view/537/763


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