Co-Production in the Development of Values-Based Practice Addiction Services in Brazil: A Project Planning Meeting Evento na Inglaterra, dias 15 e 16/11, é coordenado por professor da FCM/Santa Casa

Professor da Faculdade de Ciências Médicas da Santa Casa de São Paulo, Guilherme Messas coordena evento organizado pelo St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, Inglaterra, dias 15 e 16 de novembro.

Promovido pelo The Collaborating Centre for Values – Based Practice in Health and Social Care, o evento, intitulado Co-Production in the Development of Values-Based Practice Addiction Services in Brazil: A Project Planning Meeting é um Advanced Seminar of the Co-Production Addiction Behaviour Research Network (CAB) and the Values-Based Practice Theory Network.

Programação do evento a ser realizado na Inglaterra

09:15 – Registration

10:00-10:15 Introductions

10:15-11:00 Guilherme Messas on Brazil project: challenges and prospects

11:00-11:15 Tea and Coffee

11:15-11:45 Kim Woodward-Dodd on implementing VBP in clinical governance in highly charged mental health environments within hierarchical structures like the NHS.

11:45-12:45 Lucy Webb and MMU Team:

Co-production in addiction services and the CAB network (Lucy Webb);

Experience of co-production research in low and middle income countries (Jo-Pei Tan and Andrew Stevenson)

Working with vulnerable population in street drugs miuse: the Greater Manchester experiemce  (Robert Ralph)

12:45-13:00 Discussion

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:30 Elizabeth Pienkos on the significance on patient values in schizophrenioa for shared decision-making in treatment planning.

14:30-15:30 Work in subgroups:

Theory group (Anna Bergqvist)

Practice group (Lucy Webb)

Training group (Kim Woodward-Dodd/Bill Fulford)

15:30-16:30 Feedback from subgroups

16:30-16:45 Tea and Coffee

16:45 – Discussion and Next Steps

FRIDAY 16 November: Follow-on work on grants and related business (Guilherme Messas, Anna Bergqvist, Lucy Webb, Elizabeth Pienkos and MMU Team)

Sobre Guilherme Messas
MD, PhD; Psychiatrist. Professor and Head of the Post-Graduate Programs in Phenomenological Psychopathology; and in Psychopathology and Publica Health, both at Santa Casa de São Paulo School of Medical Sciences, Brazil. Head of the Program on Dual Diagnosis (PRODUD), at the same institution. Member of the Section of Philosophy and Humanities in Psychiatry – World Psychiatric Association; Partner in the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice  in Health and Social Care, St Catherine´s College, Oxford. Messas is a member of many comittees for alcohol and drugs policies in Brazil (municipal, state and federal)l as representative of the medical and university community. He is currenly working on the development of  more effective strategies to control substance abuse in the Brazilian population.

Key objectives of the seminar and visit to the Collaborating Centre

– Build knowledge and new practices from the work process articulted in Values-Based-Practice (VBP): its method and application;

– Adaptation of VBP strategies to alcohol and drug policies, specifically aiming at  bridging the gap between the needs of the users (and their families) and the features of services supply (a very relevant topic in Brazilian scenario);

– Analyzing the conditions of an adaptation of VBP to Brazilian context;

– Analyzing the possibilites of using VBP as a tool for alcohol regulation strategies in Brazil;

– Artiulate requirements for minimal training of VBP;

– Examine some empirical applications of VBP strategies in practice;

– Sharing the experiences of VBP application with the stakeholders, with a view to evaluate succesful experiences and difficulties in implementaion;

-Bbrainstorming on how to fund and move forward with a Project designed to train Brazilian key persons (submitted to Values-Based Practice Theory lead Anna Bergqvist).

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